New Dancer Program

Square Dance Lessons

Want to join in the fun? It’s easier than you think with our square dance lessons.

Saddlebrooke Squares has always had a very active and successful teaching program. We are very proud of this. Every year we help a new class of dancers learn the simple skills of square dance.

Here is how our Teaching Program works:

GIVE US A WHIRL – OCTOBER 12th, 2023 at the Mountain View Ballroom 7:00PM

Give Us A Whirl introduces new dancers to the fun world of square dancing.

We invite you to join us for our Give Us A Whirl introduction to square dancing. This is a FREE evening of fun and laughter with a chance to experience some simple square dance calls. This gives you a chance to see for yourself if square dancing is for you. Absolutely no dancing skills are required to participate in this event. Just come ready to have some fun and meet new friends

More info on this year’s Give Us A Whirl!


Actual square dance lessons will start the week after Give Us A Whirl.  Again, we assume no prior square dancing experience.  Our outstanding callers, Bob Asp and Dean Singleton will teach you every move.  You will be assisted by some very helpful dancers who we call Angels.  These are experienced dancers who get a special satisfaction out of helping new people learn how to enjoy square dancing as much as they do.  Throughout the classes, you will have Angels dancing in your square.  These Angels will help guide you through the moves.

Lessons are held on Thursday evenings (normally 7:00 to 8:30 pm).  Class members are encouraged to attend every lesson.  This is not just to learn the new calls, but also to get the additional “floor time” which will help you master the moves faster.

In addition to Thursday lessons, we schedule practice dancing for our students on Sunday evenings.

You will start by learning Mainstream calls.  When these lessons are completed, you will be able to dance Mainstream with the SaddleBrooke Squares or other clubs or at square dance festivals around the United States. 

After your think you have mastered the Mainstream calls, you’ll be able to take Plus lessons.

The SaddleBrooke Squares is a Plus club.  There are many Plus clubs throughout the United States and overseas.  Yes, overseas!!!  Square dance calls are called in English all over the world!!!


“Online Videos” illustrate every call

We have an instructional video made by the SaddleBrooke Squares to make learning even easier. The video (on DVD and online) illustrates all the calls. As a new student, you will be given this extremely helpful  instructional DVD. 

Using this simple and effective program, you too can become a square dancer.

Discover what the smiles are all about …

Join us for Give Us A Whirl. We’ll see you across the square.